How Do You Go About Landscaping A Yard?

How Do You Go About Landscaping A Yard?

landscaping architectHow do you go about landscaping a yard? I get asked this all of the time. I wasn’t planning on making my yard the envy of my neighborhood, as I’m just not that competitive, but apparently my desire to create a nice place for my kids to play and for my family to relax under the sun accomplished that anyway.

Since I get asked for landscaping tips all the time, I thought it would be just more comfortable to share them here online.

Use Wildflowers If You Want A Lot Of Color On Your Landscape

landscaping areaUse wildflowers if you want a lot of color without spending a lot of money. It’s easy to find wildflower seeds, and you can liberally scatter them across large areas or spaces that are hard to plant. You’ll get a bonanza of colors, and you can even pick the flowers for making bouquets, saving you money on florists in some cases.

Are you landscaping on a tight budget? If so, be mindful of the fact that you don’t have to do everything at once. There’s nothing wrong with breaking something down into phases or steps. That makes easier to accomplish financially. Just list out each level you need to take, and then pick out the ones most critical to finish first.