A Few Landscaping Tips My Neighbors Taught Me

A Few Landscaping Tips My Neighbors Taught Me

landscapingFor as much time as I spend online learning, watching gardening shows, or talking to the staff at my favorite nursery, it’s actually the neighbors around my community that I learn the most from regarding landscaping tips. They’ve given me plenty of advice over the years, and the following are just a few of the nuggets of wisdom they’ve shared with me.

Always consider using native plants when doing your landscape design. When you choose to landscape your lawn, yard, or garden, pick out trees, flowers, and shrubs native to the region. They’re most likely to thrive since they’ve already adapted to the local soil, rainfall, temperatures, and weather.

Outdoor Kitchen To Your Landscaping

landscaping gardeningIf you’re adding an outdoor kitchen to your landscaping, use granite or marble in it. Marble can offer you some cost-savings, but granite is something you can place hot items on without risking damage.

Think about using a drip watering system rather than flows to water your plants. They’re quite easy to set up. They’re also very cost-effective, and they can give your plant’s just as much water as they might need. You’ll even save money on your water bill since all of it is getting used by your plants without evaporation or runoff happening.