The Best Features To Add To Your Landscape Desgin

There is a lot more to having a garden than merely growing plants and flowers. The features that you decide to place in your garden will play a significant role in the visual design of your landscape. You want to choose a model that will attract visitors to your garden throughout the entire year. Fortunately, this can be achieved by having an expert in landscaping Reno select the right features for your garden.


It is important that boundaries are set within your garden, and paths can help establish these boundaries. A typical garden has at least one track. Trails are usually practical and functional in gardens, but they can also be used as a prominent landscaping feature to highlight specific areas of the garden.

Paths can be created from different types of materials such as:

Concrete Pavers

Just like other features that are common in the garden, materials used to create a path can depend on the landscape that surrounds the garden, as well as the overall style of the garden.

Water Features

This is always a great feature to add to a garden. It does not matter whether it is a still water feature like a pond or moving water from a waterfall or fountain, you can use a ready-made pond with kits, pumps, and liners to make the process quick and painless. Larger tubs and containers can also be used to make ponds for smaller spaces as well.

If your garden sits on sloped land, you can create a stunning waterfall. Water fountains are readily available in different styles and sizes that can be used to accommodate any garden. These fountains can bubble, spray, trickle or more. In fact, a simple birdbath or water basin can also be used to create a beautiful garden feature.

Rock Garden

Rockeries, or rock gardens, is another feature that you can add to your garden. A rock garden can be created either on the sloped ground or flat land. It is essential that it maintains a natural appearance, and this is one reason why you should try only to use rocks that are native to your area.


Garden structures like pergolas, trellises, and arches go very well with fences and walls. These features can be customized to meet your garden style and your needs. The structures can serve a functional purpose, or they can be just decorative.

Gardening structures can also be used for support, and no matter its simplicity, these types of structures can make your garden stand out and appear more inviting.

Fences and gates can serve multiple purposes in a garden such as:

Creating barriers
Shelter from harsh weather conditions

There are many options to choose from, and these features can be purchased from a local home improvement store or created by hand. They can also be designed out of almost any type of material. Whatever you ultimately choose, make sure the feature complements the entire garden.

Gardening consists of more than just planting seeds and watering plants. Creating and using features in your garden will help keep it vibrant and exciting year round.

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